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Total : 91 Articles, Updated 01/02/99

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Mode 13h
Texture Mapping
Denthor's Asphyxia Tutorials
Graphic Formats
Michael Abrash's Articles

Mode 13h
The Video Mode 13h by Nathan Vegdahl
The Color Palette
Playing with the Palette by Keith Dowd
Plotting Pixels
Basic Line Drawing Algorithm by Amod Karve

Gouraud Shaded Polygons
Phong Shading
Fast Phong Shading (OTMPHONG.DOC)
Phong Lighting and Specular Highlights
Fast Phong Shading by Gary Bishop
2D Bump Mapping
Texture Shading by Tom Hammersley

Texture Mapping
Constant Slope Texture Mapping
Midpoint Texture Mapping
Perspective Corrected Texture Mapping
Texture mapping: A new tool for molecular graphics
Texture Mapping Polygons in Perspective
Texture Mapped Polygons
Texture Potential Mapping
Texture Mapping by Sean Barret
Perspective Texture Mapper (source)
Perspective corrected texture mapping
A tutorial for 2d and 3d vector and texture mapped graphics

Floyd-Steinberg Notes
Advanced Dither Needed (untested)
Dither Source
Advanced Dither Needed (untested) II
Dithering (Floyd-Steinberg) Source
8 bit deep b/w dither

Denthor's Asphyxia Tutorials
Mode 13h
Palette Changing
Circles and Lines
Virtual Screens
Lookup Tables
Basic 3d Programming
3d Solids
VGA Mode-X
Mode-X Scrolling
Glenzing, Fast Polys, etc
Scaling Bitmaps
Pixel Morphs
ASM and Fire Code
Hidden Surface Removal
Texture Mapping

Graphic Formats
Bitmap Format (.bmp)
Source to Decode .BMP
Gif 89a Format (.gif)
FLI Format (.fli/.flc)
3DS Format (.3ds)
PCX Format (.pcx)
Link : The Graphics File Format Page
Link : Wotsit's File Format Page

Michael Abrash's Articles
The Polygon Primeval
Fast Convex Polygons
80x86 Optimizations
The Virtues of inexpensive approximation
Further ruminations of the Edsun CEG/DAC
The Simplicity of complex polygons (poly.filling)
Mode X: 256-color VGA magic
More undocumented 256-color VGA magic
256-color VGA animation
The Sierra Hicolor DAC
Catching up (various topics re-examined)
3d Animation
More 3-d Animation
Fast 3-d Animation: meet X-Sharp
Raw Speed and more (X-sharp 3-d prog.)
Fast Antialiasing
3-d Shading
Color-modeling in 256-color mode
Fast texture mapping
More on texture mapping
More on Bresenhams run-length slice algorithm
Moving, faster lines and page flipping
Dirty Animation

*Note : Most 3d Information is contained in the
Math section
General 3d Information
Voxel Graphics
How to Perform 3D Rotations
3D Shading
Texture Mapping
Understanding BSP Trees
How does DOOM work?

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